Terms and Conditions of Sale

The sales of any good by Lindisfarne Ltd shall be subject to the following terms and conditions. Nothing in these terms shall affect a customer's statutory rights as a consumer.
Lindisfarne Ltd supply goods only to the UK at this moment in time.

Lindisfarne Ltd reserve the right to contact customers and offer them the product at the true price should an error occur in their online shopping system. Our store provides an invitation to treat, and Lindisfarne Ltd reserve the right to refuse an order.

Confirmation of Orders

Once an order is received, Lindisfarne Ltd will confirm the acceptance of the order by an e-mail or fax to the customer using the e-mail address or fax number provided on the order form. Lindisfarne Ltd's acceptance of an order brings into existence a legally binding contract.

Delivery of Goods

Delivery of the goods will be effected as soon as possible after an order has been accepted but within 30 days of the order. Where it is impossible to deliver within 30 days of the order, the customer will be informed of this fact and given the option of cancelling the order. Delivery will be to the address provided on the order form.

Availability of Goods

Where goods ordered are unavailable the customer will be immediately notified of that fact and any sums paid will be refunded within 30 days of the order. Under such a circumstance Lindisfarne Ltd will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for any inconvenience or disappointment suffered.


Where the goods delivered are not what were ordered or where they are damaged, defective or an incorrect quantity delivered or where the goods are not delivered within 30 days of the order, the customer must notify the Lindisfarne Ltd in writing of the problem within 10 working days.

On receipt of such notification the Lindisfarne Ltd will take appropriate steps to make good any shortage or non-delivery. Damages must be claimed from the Post Office and the claim must be made by the recipient, Lindisfarne will supply the necessary information to enable this on notification.

Withdrawal from Contract

A customer may withdraw an order at any time up to the end of the seventh working day after receipt of the goods. A withdrawal of order has to be notified either by e-mail, fax telephone or in writing followed by the return of the good (where applicable). A customer does not need to give Lindisfarne Ltd any reason for withdrawing the order. Food items can only be returned where the seal remains unbroken. If goods have already been despatched Lindisfarne Ltd will refund the cost of the goods on return but postage remains payable.

The circumstances when an order cannot be withdrawn are when the good has been taken out of the sealed package in which it was delivered and where the customer has damaged the good in any way.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

Any sales contract entered into by this Lindisfarne Ltd will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute between the parties.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions of sale together with the price as published by the Lindisfarne Ltd, delivery terms and other information published by the Lindisfarne Ltd shall form the whole agreement relating to the sale of goods by Lindisfarne Ltd and cannot be altered.