We are now exporting our famous Lindisfarne Mead worldwide.

If your business is based outside the UK and your company is interested in becoming an approved exporter of Lindisfarne Limited products, please contact us:

Phone +44 (0) 1289 389230
Email info@lindisfarne-mead.co.uk
Or visit the Contact Us page and fill in the form available.

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Lindisfarne Mead

What makes Lindisfarne Mead so special?

  • Only available from the St Aidan's Winery on Holy Island.
  • Made to reflect traditional methods.
  • Mead has been drunk in Britain since Celtic times.
  • Gives you a real taste of history and a connection with the past.
  • Historically mead is associated with honeymoons, making Lindisfarne Mead the perfect drink for newly weds. The word honeymoon is derived from the ancient Norse custom where newly weds drank mead for a whole "moon" as it was thought to increase their fertility and therefore their chances of a happy fulfilled marriage.

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