Welcome to Lindisfarne Mead

St Aidan's Winery is the home of the world famous Lindisfarne Mead.

Lindisfarne Mead is a unique alcoholic fortified wine manufactured here on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. It is a vatted blend of honey, locally drawn water, fermented grape juice and neutral spirits. It comes to you from The Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

We have a family of 3 meads, our Original (over 2,000,000 bottles sold) and 2 new additions, our Spiced and our Pink.

World famous Lindisfarne Mead is not only the connoisseur's choice but makes a supreme drink for young and old alike whatever the season. To many, it is regarded as the "nectar of the gods"

The Winery Showroom opens to visitors everyday in the year (except Christmas and New Year's Day) for free sampling daily (Adults / Over 18's Only). Stocking speciality foods and drinks available at the winery or online including:

We also have one of the largest Craft Shops in the region which displays a unique collection of local wares.

The word "honeymoon" is derived from the ancient Norse custom of having Newly-Weds drink Mead for a whole moon which was thought to increase their fertility and therefore their chances of a happy and fulfilled marriage.

The origin of mead appears to be simply fermented honeys diluted with water. The years have seen many varieties enjoyed and there are many different meads of interest. Of particular interest to us has been the Roman Mulsum honey wine and also mead made through the blending of honey with grape juice (called Pyment). The terms mead and honey wine are often used synonymously.

Made today exclusively on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne our mead was inspired by the rich history of our island. It was developed during the last century to capture the deep rooted historical and cultural overtones of our region. Wanting to keep the rich history of our lands alive we have embraced ancient Rome's favoured approach of using grape juice in our fermentation process.